A Complete Toolkit for Your Tokenized Asset Offering

With clear regulatory progress, the stage is set for tokenized assets to achieve widespread adoption. Your tokenized asset offering: Custodigit provides banks and financial institutions with an integrated platform to take advantage of these developments.   

Quick and easy entry to the tokenized economy

The Swiss DLT-act, which comes into full force in August 2021, introduces the DLT Trading Facility as a new financial market infrastructure type, clearing the way for regulated financial institutions to become security token trading venues.


Custodigit offers a quick, simplified route to market that enables you to capitalize on early-mover advantage. 

Fractional ownership unlocks new liquidity, lowering the minimum stake required to enter the market

DLT and smart contracts promise to make the issuance and trading of equities and bonds far more efficient, reducing intermediary fees 

Inject new liquidity into traditionally “unbankable” alternative assets such as real estate, fine art, antiques, classic cars and other collectibles

24/7 trading
of any tokenized asset

Tokenized Shares and Futures

Tokenized shares make stock market trading more dynamic, offering ultra-fast settlement.


Tokenizing shares and other financial instruments such as futures can open them up to a broader market of traders.


Whereas the maintenance margins alone necessary to keep a futures account open can amount to over $50,000, for example, the minimum stake can be radically lowered through tokenization.

Tokenizing art can facilitate fractional ownership, injecting new liquidity into a historically illiquid market.


From Andy Warhol masterpieces  to non-fungible tokens representing digital art, tokenization is breaking new ground in the art world.  

Tokenized Art

Tokenized Bonds

Tokenized bonds offer the potential to remove many of the administrative headaches associated with interest payments and repayment upon maturity. The World Bank has already begun issuing tokenized bonds

Tokenized real estate offers the opportunity for new financing options in real estate development, providing novel ways to structure, raise, and service capital.


Real estate investment firms have already raised millions by selling tokenized shares in individual buildings and broader property portfolios.  

Tokenized Real Estate

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