One platform,
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Custodigit provides a single, trusted gateway to the world of digital assets. From anti-money laundering (AML) and custody storage to smart order routing and best execution – Custodigit covers the entire digital asset value chain. 

Seamless digital asset ecosystem

Our integration layer provides a reliable, seamless connection between your core banking system, every major liquidity provider in the industry, and your client interface.

API Integration Layer

sub custody






send return


Secure Storage Layer & Blockchain Integration

Access the entire digital asset value chain​

Custodigit is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution. Out of the box, it provides all the services necessary to establish an institutional-grade digital asset offering for your clients. From order and execution management, to custody storage, trading and lending, it enables you to develop new revenue streams throughout the digital asset value chain.

  • buy, sell, send and receive digital assets through your existing client interface – whether that is a desktop portal or smartphone app 
  • all major cryptocurrencies are supported
  • banking-grade digital asset platform allows even the most sophisticated institutional clients to be onboarded 
  • one of the first digital asset platforms globally to have completed an independent, third-party ISAE 3000 audit conducted by PwC 
  • harnessing the rock-solid data infrastructure of Swisscom, the trusted operational partner for some of Europe’s leading financial service providers 
  • reliable, secure hot and cold custody storage options for client assets 
  • specialised wallets for a variety of use cases including digital asset trading, safekeeping and to serve as collateral for a loan
  • seamlessly integrates with your existing core banking system 
  • transactions settled automatically in FIAT 
  • uses established industry standards like SWIFT and FIX 
  • avoids the complexity of dealing with underlying blockchain networks 
  • all regulated tokenized assets based on ALL standards supported out of the box
  • by lowering the required minimum investment, tokenization will broaden access to traditionally inaccessible asset classes including fine art, luxury goods and real estate.
  • in addition to tokenization, the platform also offers opportunities for lending and staking

Under the hood of Custodigit

Custodigit enables you to stop thinking about infrastructure and start thinking about opportunity. When a customer buys, sells, sends or receives digital assets, it is recorded like a normal transaction in your core system. However, Custodigit is coordinating a lot of activities behind the scenes.

Example: Your client buys into a digital asset position

In the following example, a client buys a digital asset position through the front end of your trading platform. Custodigit coordinates and synchronizes all back-end operations so that it is seamlessly integrated into your core banking system like a traditional transaction:

Your client enters a buy order for 100 ETH with Euro

Custodigit starts the approval process. This includes a customisable AML check to ensure that the account is not locked and that no limits have been exceeded. 

Once approval is completed, your client is notified and can confirm the transaction.

Custodigit validates the buy order and connects to our large network of liquidity providers to ensure best execution.

The transfer from the exchange/broker to your wallet is now validated and recorded on the blockchain network.

You receive the digital assets and settle the transaction in FIAT currency.

The transfer from your wallet to the client wallet is validated and recorded on the blockchain network.

100 ETH is credited to the client’s digital asset position. The new status is reflected in your client’s trading dashboard and in your core banking system.

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