Trading Digital Assets: Start with our full-featured Custodigit Platform

In the fragmented digital asset landscape, you need access to as much liquidity as possible. Trading digital assets: Custodigit connects you to the most liquid digital asset venues globally, using smart order routing algorithms to minimize fees and slippage and help ensure best execution.    

One, unified digital asset trading hub

Custodigit offers a regulated, secure, and comprehensive suite of order and execution services for trading digital assets.

Buy, sell, send and receive digital assets through your existing client interface on desktop or smartphone

We connect to all major liquidity providers and brokers to ensure fast order matching with minimum slippage

Orders are quickly propagated to all liquidity providers to ensure best execution

Trades are processed with a high STP rate

Set RFQ, market, limit, stop, or stop-loss orders

Trade multiple digital assets including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, and all ERC20 tokens

Set up your own approval processes and authorization rules according to company policies or client agreements

Order Process

Example: Your client buys into a digital asset position

In the following example, a client buys a digital asset position through the front end of your trading platform. Custodigit coordinates and synchronizes all back-end operations so that it is seamlessly integrated into your core banking system like a traditional transaction:

Verify sufficient cash balance / digital asset inventory to ensure order propagation to all liquidity providers

The smart router propagates the order to all liquidity providers for best execution

Your order is placed in the system, and you receive a confirmation

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