Crypto is the Newest Institutional Asset Class

From niche interest to more than a trillion dollars of value in a little over a decade — it is no wonder that an increasing number of institutions are taking notice of digital assets, providing new crypto-based services to their clients and see Crypto as the newest institutional asset class​.

Cryptocurrencies are on a growth trajectory unlike any other asset class.

Now, they’re entering a new era of institutional adoption. Custodigit offers a quick, simplified route to market that enables you to capitalize on early-mover advantage.

It started as obscure internet money

In just twelve years, Bitcoin has grown from its roots as obscure internet money to become an asset with a market capitalization of over one trillion dollars.


The nearest competitor, Ethereum, is worth hundreds of billions. It powers an ecosystem of applications that many believe are a blueprint for the automated financial systems of the future.

Many financial institutions across the globe, including Deutsche Bank, Swiss SIX, Bank of New York Mellon, and Goldman Sachs are now seizing the opportunity to enter these burgeoning markets and see Crypto as the newest institutional asset class.

Custodigit is here to help you navigate the uncharted waters of cryptocurrencies, opening up new investment opportunities for your clients.

And it became a massive opportunity

We are your trusted Partner

Backed by established, trusted partners including national telecoms provider Swisscom, SIX, through SIX Digital Exchange, who is building the world’s first regulated digital market infrastructure and regulated crypto bank Sygnum, Custodigit helps financial institutions on their journey to digital asset adoption.


We only partner with regulated financial institutions, offering a fast, easy, and compliant route to crypto trading and custody services.


Our white-labeled SaaS platform integrates with your existing core banking system, while offering support for all major crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and all ERC20 assets.

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