Compliant Solutions for Regulated Institutions

In order for the digital asset industry to grow and flourish, it must be built on a stable regulatory foundation. We are committed to helping banks and financial institutions with our compliant solution for regulated institutions to innovate while remaining in full compliance with all relevant regulation in their jurisdictions.  

A leading digital asset gateway for regulated financial service providers

We have developed a compliant solution for regulated institutions: Compliance is integrated into the core functionality of Custodigit. End-to-end workflows ensure that all critical processes can be executed in a secure and controlled manner.

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A professional partner

We are firmly committed to playing our part in a professionalized digital asset industry grounded in a clear regulatory framework

professional-partner custodigit Secure Reliable Digital Asset Custody

A trustworthy partner

We only work with regulated banks and financial firms with an institutional interest in digital assets

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An established partner

Our technology is proven and already forms part of the tech stack powering Sygnum, the world’s first regulated digital asset bank


Our Partnership with Sygnum

In 2019, Sygnum became the first Swiss digital asset firm to earn a banking and securities dealer license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA.) In 2020, FINMA granted approval for Sygnum to introduce digital asset trading, supported by Custodigit’s backend technology stack.


Sygnum leverages Custodigit’s custody solution, together with its proprietary AML features which were designed specifically for the digital asset economy, making digital assets bankable through robust compliance. 


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