Your gateway
to a digital asset offering

Custodigit is the easiest and most secure way for regulated financial service providers to offer digital assets to their clients.

Our strategic backer and joint solution provider for building digital asset ecosystem

Backed by Switzerland’s leading outsourcing provider for banks

Powering our backer and the world’s first digital asset bank


Security Framework audited by one of the leading professional services networks in the world

Fast track to a new era of regulated digital assets

In no time, you can provide your customers with a seamless, secure digital asset experience with Custodigit.

Seamless integration with your existing end-user experience and all major core banking systems.

Connections to every major liquidity provider to ensure smart order routing and best execution.

Custody storage with unrivalled security, harnessing Swisscom’s rock-solid data infrastructure.

Automated processes and management of the whole lifecycle of digital assets in a compliant and safe manner.

Why Custodigit?

Flexible, seamless, secure and compliant, Custodigit empowers you to stop thinking about digital asset infrastructure and start thinking about opportunity.

Custodigit is hosted by the infrastructure of Swisscom, the trusted operational partner for some of Europe’s leading financial service providers. It is one of the only digital asset platforms globally to have completed an independent, third-party ISAE 3000 audit conducted by PwC. We also have a proven track record of delivery — providing the underlying infrastructure that powers Sygnum, the world’s first, regulated digital asset bank.

Custodigit is a platform exclusively for regulated financial service providers. Specialised functionalities like AML tools and best execution algorithms aid regulatory compliance. End-to-end workflows ensure that all critical processes can be executed in a secure and controlled manner.

Custodigit enables regulated financial service providers to expand their horizons into the digital asset space without needing to invest in additional infrastructure. It connects to every major liquidity venue out of the box, with built in smart order routing ensuring best execution. It can be deployed rapidly, enabling you to go from ground zero to an institutional-grade digital asset offering in no time.

Custodigit provides seamless, deep integration with every major core banking system using established industry standards and protocols like SWIFT and FIX. This allows processes to be automated, and total synchronisation of transactions across digital and traditional assets.

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